In addition to addressing municipal electricity needs, we put our expertise to use on behalf of commercial ventures, providing them competitive electricity and budget management services tailored to their specific needs

Our success is tied to the success of our clients. With that in mind, the development of strong working relationships forms the bedrock of our efforts. Working from this foundation, we will analyze usage history and provide insightful market analysis on your past, present and, most importantly, your future.

Along the way, we’ll consider all possible purchasing solutions: fixed prices, index pricing and portfolio products among others. We work with the largest electricity providers in the United States and negotiate on your behalf, no matter the size of your company.

But, we don’t make the final decisions for our customers. Rather we provide them with the best, most relevant information to ensure they understand the best options available for their business objectives.

Every customer has their own unique goals; we’re hear to ensure that your electricity strategy is a beneficial player in helping you achieve them.