What is Community Choice Aggregation?

In 2010, Illinois lawmakers passed legislation which allows counties, towns and cities to take bids when securing electricity for their constituents.
This competitive process and the choices it creates, allows municipalities to save their constituents between 10 and 30 percent on their electricity bills.

What Else Will Change for Constituents?

Aside from the 10 to 30 percent reduction in pay rates, customers there will be no change in billing or service. Customers will still receive a single monthly bill from Ameren, which will include the new, discounted supply rate.

Customer service, including outages, will continue to be handled by Ameren. So, despite the lower bill, the quality of service will remain the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will customers get more than one power bill?
No. While the electricity supply no longer comes from Ameren, the transmission and distribution still do. The only change to your bill will be the savings.

What does switching off of Ameren’s Supply Mean?
It means that participating towns and their constituents will let other power companies compete for their business. The resulting bidding process will enable residents to take advantage of the lowest energy prices in years.

When could I be subject to a rate increase?
The price of elctricity supply will be fixed for as long as the term of the contract. Contracts can be as long as three years and as short as 12 months.

What happens when the contract is up?
The town will accept new bids from third-party suppliers. The price will not be higher than Ameren’s supply rate at the time of the bid.

Who is doing this?
Many regional businesses have already switched their electricity supply from Ameren. Towns throughout Illinois have made the switch including Oak Brook, Lincolnwood, Oak Park, North Aurora and Glenwood among others.